Update October 2018

New sets for your 1970 Moebius F100 4x4 kit!

FMR-154  This is the basic conversion set to make the 1970 Moebius F100 4x4 into an F250 "Highboy" 4x4 (the truck on the front of the box).  All-new 3D-printed and resin-cast suspension parts, driveline parts, and 16.5" wheels and tires.  Everything is designed to drop onto the Moebius kit's frame with just a few modifications to the kit parts.  Price is $30. 
FMR-155  This is an add-on set for the FMR-154 conversion.  These are all parts that won't really be seen on a shelf model, but will make the F250 more accurate.  Includes new crossmembers, engine perches, 4-speed NP435 transmission, and a correct 16.5" spare tire.  Again, this set must be used with the FMR-154.  Price is $10.   
FMR-156  This set is 1/25 scale rooftop cab lights for Ford pickups.   Cast in clear amber/orange, and includes a template to mark the locations on your kit's roof.  Price is $4.  
FMR-157  These are the 16.5" spare tire parts from the FMR-155 set, for if you need the spare tire for your F250 and don't want the other FMR-155 parts .  Cost is $4.   


Update July 2018

A quartet of new Mopar Rallye Wheel sets are now available to order:

FMR-152-24  This is the 1/24 scale version of the classic 15x7 Mopar Rallye Wheel with trim rings and two styles of center caps.  Suitable for 1970-1974 (and maybe 75, but I've yet to find a reference for a 75 model with 15" Rallyes) cars.  The set features separate parts to allow for easy painting and detailing.  Generic wheel backs with 1/8" axle sockets complete the set.  The price is $8.

is the 1/25 scale version of the Mopar Rallye Wheels with Trim Rings.  Price is $8.

  This is the 1/24 scale 15x7 Mopar Rallye Wheels with two styles of center caps but without trim rings. I don't know of any cars that came from the factory with no trim rings, but I've seen a lot of cars with plain black Rallye wheels and silver or gray center caps and they look really cool.  The price is $7

is the 1/25 scale version of the Mopar Rallye Wheels without Trim Rings.  Price is $7.

Here is a photo of some painted samples:


Update June 2018

Wow, it has been way too long since I published an update!  Things have been really busy this year and I am very thankful for all my great customers.

First things first: I have a new SLA 3D printer, and I can use it to make some of the Bronco items I was previously only selling through Shapeways.
You can order these pieces directly from me:

FMR-135 Family Roll Bar #1, $12
FMR-136 Family Roll Bar #2, $12
FMR-137 Tube Front Bumper with High Winch Mount, $4
FMR-138 Tube Front Bumper with Low Winch Mount, $4
FMR-139 Tube Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier, $6
FMR-140 Tube Rear Bumper, $3


Now on to the New Stuff!

FMR-124 is a 1/24 Pontiac 15x7 Honeycomb multi-piece wheel set. This set includes four resin wheel faces with separate center caps, trim rings, and lug nuts. This set is intended to help update the Monogram 1970 Trans Am to 1971-1973 appearance. Price is $8.

FMR-125 is a set of four 1/25 Pontiac 15x7 Honeycomb wheel faces. These are one-piece wheels with all the details molded in place. This is the perfect wheel to wake up that AMT 1972 GTO model, or use them on a 2nd Gen Trans Am or Formula.

FMR-126 is a set of two M/T Indy Profile bias-ply tires in F70-15 size. They are meant to complement the wide FMR-044 tires I’ve been selling for a few years now. Like the FMR-044, these narrower tires are available in both 1/24 and 1/25 scale. They are priced at $6 for a set of two. I also have a special combo; when you buy the FMR-044 wide tires with these new FMR-126 tires, the cost is $12 and it includes a free set of decals for the white letters.

FMR-127 is a set of four 1/25 scale M/T Indy Profile Redline bias-ply F70-15 tires. The redlines must be painted with acrylic paint, and instructions are included. Price is $12 for the set.

FMR-150 is a set of four 1/25 Eagle GT tires in 215/65R15 size. They are meant to be used with the FMR-151 Olds wheels to make an accurate Hurst/Olds or 442. There are raised outline letters on one side and solid letters on the other side. The raised outline letters can be painted with white acylic paint using the dry-brush technique. I do not recommend using my white letter decals on these tires. Price is $12, but when purchased with the FMR-151 wheels, the combo price is $15.

FMR-151 is a set of four 1/25 Oldsmobile SSIII 15x7 wheels. These wheels are intended to replace the inaccurate wheels in the new Revell G-Body Hurst/Olds and 442 kits. The set includes decals for both styles of center caps. These wheels will fit the kit tires and have the socket on the backside to connect to the Revell pin axles. This set is $5.


14” GM Steel Wheels

I am happy to introduce a range of 14” steel wheels for mid-to-late 60’s GM intermediates and pony cars in 1/25 scale. Because most every kit tire is scaled to 15”, I also have a new bias-ply F70-14 tire to complement this line of 14” wheels.

Set number FMR-142 contains four rubber F70-14 bias-ply tires and four generic wheel backs. The tires have a scale 3/8” redline on one side and a scale 1/2” white stripe on the opposite side. These stripes must be painted with acrylic paint It’s a simple process, and instructions are included. The backs have a 1/8” hole to facilitate mounting to your model’s axles. This set is $12 by itself, or $10 when purchased with any of the following 14” wheel sets. I recommend using these tires and backs with the 14” wheel fronts.

FMR-143 is 14” steel wheels with Pontiac base hub caps. This style was used from 1964 to 1971 and covers a wide variety of Pontiac cars. Price is $6.

FMR-144 is the 1969-70 Pontiac P02 Deluxe 14” wheel covers. Includes center ornament decals. Price is $4.

FMR-145 is 14” steel wheels with 1967 Chevy Camaro base hub caps. This style was also used on 1966 and 1967 Chevelles. Price is $6.

FMR-146 is 14” steel wheels with 1968-1970 Chevy Camaro base hub caps. This style was also used on 1968-70 Chevelles. Price is $6.

FMR-147 is the 1967 Chevy Camaro P01 14” wheel covers. Price is $4.

FMR-148 is the 1968-1969 Chevy Camaro P01 14” wheel covers. Includes center ornament decals. Price is $4.

FMR-149 is the 1967 Chevelle and SS 14” wheel covers. Includes center ornament decals. Price is $4.