FMR-031, FMR-032, FMR-033, FMR-034


100% Original!  Patterned in 3D!  Not a recast of an existing kit tire!
Accurate tread pattern and sidewall lettering!


FMR-031 and FMR-032
Hard White Resin

Raw Castings            Painted                Painted               3D Models
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FMR-033 and FMR-034
Flexible Black Rubber

3D Models                                    Model Not Included                      
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What You Get
Each package contains two 1/25 scale tires cast in either hard white resin or flexible urethane rubber.
Some trimming of the inner diameter of the tires and/or your wheels to achieve an exact fit.
Tires have accurate raised outline white letters on both sides.

To get super-sharp white letters on the hard resin tires (031 and 032),
simply paint the tires black and then lightly sand the raised letters to reveal
the bright white resin!

What Size Are These Tires?
There are two sizes available, 225/60R-15 and 275/60R-15 (wide)
They were patterned specifically for the 1/25 Revell 'Cuda kit, but will fit many 1/25 kits

Sold in sets of 2 Tires, so the smaller tires and larger ones can be mixed & matched
FMR-031  BFGoodrich Radial T/A 225/60R-15 Hard White Resin, set of 2, $5
         FMR-032  BFGoodrich Radial T/A 275/60R-15 Hard White Resin, set of 2 WIDE, $5
     FMR-033  BFGoodrich Radial T/A 225/60R-15 Flexible Black Rubber, set of 2, $6
              FMR-034  BFGoodrich Radial T/A 275/60R-15 Flexible Black Rubber, set of 2 WIDE, $6

Shipping is additional

  Inside Diameter Outside Diameter Width
FMR-031 0.58" 1.05" 0.36"
FMR-032 0.59" 1.14" 0.44"
FMR-033 0.58" 1.05" 0.36"
FMR-034 0.59" 1.14" 0.44"

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