3D Design and Printing 

The future is now, folks!  3D printing is revolutionizing the scale model hobby.
Do you have something that you've always wanted in scale but nobody ever made it?
With 3D design and printing, you can now get it.

I have done a lot of 3D work for private individuals:

Mitsubishi Starion Wheels

Big Truck Wheels & Tires

Racing Wheel/Tire/Brake Assemblies

Racing Transmission

If you have a need for something unique and it's not available anywhere else, give me a buzz at fireball@josephosborn.org.  I may be able to help you out.
Design fees start as low as $25.  Please understand that I'm not a miracle worker; you'll need to provide references, and depending on the nature of the project,
a lot of references may be required.




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